THE MCCPTA offers many programs and fun family events for all Waugh school district students and families.  Examples include after school enrichment classes, teacher appreciation week, family fun events like Movie Nights, Halloween Carnival, and new this year is our May the Fourth Be With You Star Wars Night. Don’t forget family favorite PJ Bingo night!!  Our fundraising directly supports teacher classroom funds, community building events and the PTA helps pay for the busses to take the 6th graders to camp.

Come join us and find out what else we do!


2017 – 2018 MCCPTA Board Roster

The members of the PTA executive board work together as a governance team which assumes collective responsibility for building unity and creating a positive climate during term of office.


  • President: Leigh Magnani  (Corona Creek & Wallabies)
  • Executive VP / Fundraising: Timothy Stuhr  (Corona Creek)
  • VP Communications: Rashmi Saxena (Meadow)
  • Parliamentarian Historian: Jessica Huskey  (Meadow)
  • Director of Hospitality: Brooke Baglietto  (Meadow)
  • Treasurer: Jerry Matacia (Meadow)
  • Secretary: Leah Maus (Corona Creek & Wallabies)
  • Communications Secretary:  Ashley Rader  (Corona Creek)
  • Auditor: Theresa Dundas  (Community)
  • Membership- Meadow: Heidi Sigmann  
  • Membership-Corona Creek: Irma Wilson  (Corona Creek)
  • Reflections- Corona Creek: Lucinda Ayoob
  • Hospitality Chairman- Corona:   _________________________
  • Hospitality Chairman- Meadow: Jessica Salazar 
  • Family Engagement- Corona:  Matthew Foster
  • Family Engagement- Meadow:  Susan Wahab
  • Enrichment:  ___________________________
  • Play – Corona Creek:  Marcia Kessler  (Corona)
  • Play – Meadow:   ________________________________
  • Reflections – Meadow:  Nancy Chapin  (Meadow)
  • Teacher Liason – Cheryl Buckley (Meadow)
  • Superintendent/Corona Creek Principal – Becky Rosales
  • Meadow Principal – Melissa Becker
  • District 14 PTA President – Abby Fellman